I'm Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams

I want the young generation to know about the history of Islam. And Always prepare themself for the light of Islam. I hope people of all ages will like my books

"The believers are never satisfied with learning good until they arrive in Paradise."

“Dr. Shams”


Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams is an Author with 35 years of entrepreneurial skills as a CEO in various fields. He has lived in the UK for over ten years. The writer believes in the path of God and has written books on the proper way of Islam and about Life after death. Some of his books are (Life after Death series) - Life in Heaven, and Life in Hell. The writer has written many books on the great Prophets of Islam. Some of his books are (The Prophet’s Miracles Series): The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet Jesus (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet Moses (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet Solomon (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet Abraham (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet David (PBUH), The Miracles of Prophet Elisha (PBUH), The Mighty People of Aad and Prophet Hud AS and The Miracles of All the Prophets - Adam to Muhammad (PBUH). History has recorded the names of many outstanding women of different ages and countries. Some gained fame for their remarkable beauty or occupation of a throne. The author has penned down some of The Most Honoured and Influential Ladies in History (The Most Honoured Lady Series). Khadija, daughter of Khuwailid, Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad, Ayesha Siddiqa daughter of Abu Bakr Siddique, Asiyah wife of Pharaoh & Mary, daughter of Imran - These women are the most virtuous women of the women of Paradise. Their influence on the lives of other people can still be felt. It tells how they became the most revered, loved, and fascinated women worldwide. They are role models for any woman to follow. He has documented some of the great Muslim rulers (THE MUSLIM RULERS’ SERIES) like The Kingdom of Hazrat Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq R.A, The Kingdom of Hazrat Umer R.A, The Kingdom of Hazrat Uthman ibn Affan R.A, The Kingdom of Hazrat Ali (R.A), The Kingdom of Mu'awiya ibn Abi Sufyan R.A., The Kingdom of Hazrat Al Mansur and The Kingdom of Moghuls. The author believes in a balanced life and thus penned down his dimension about life in "Being Unconditional " (11 steps to a perfectly balanced life). The author also wrote a book on Women: What the women want in their Soulmates. Also, during this pandemic, where there is so much thirst for the job, the author has written a remarkable book on the job hunt, i.e., The “Insider” Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job in Tech. Audible, the amazon company, has named some of his books as best sellers, i.e., The Secret of the Holy Quran, A complete guide, mercy, and miracles for the whole of humankind irrespective of religion, Angels - The Creatures of Light, Jinn -The Creatures of Fire. The author continues to pursue his effort professionally and work with his next assignment to heighten his creative mind. All these books are available online on Amazon and Audible.


About My Books

The History and Biography of the Great Prophets, Caliphs, Rulers, Angels, Jinn, and most honored and influential ladies are unknown to us. I intend to bring those to you for your more excellent knowledge and practice their contributions and sacrifices in your life to make a peaceful and blessed life in both worlds. Self-help books will prepare you for the real world. The Secret of the Holy Quran and The Daily Life and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will teach you everything you need in life.

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The strong are not the best wrestlers. Verily, the strong are only those who control themselves when angry. Allah loves those who control their anger and forgives those who do not seek revenge or punishment.