Mary (Maryam AS)

The Mother of Jesus


Mary, the Mother of Jesus & Asiyah, the wife of Pharaoh

This book tells the remarkable story of the two most honorable women in history. Their influence on the lives of other people can still be felt.

One of these is the honorable Lady Mary, mother of Jesus (peace be upon him). She is the only woman mentioned in the Holy Quran by name. This book sheds light on the miraculous birth, brought up and chaste life of Mary. It tells us how she became the most revered, loved, and fascinated woman in the world.

The other lady is Lady Asiyah, wife of Pharaoh during the time of Moses. She is only the second woman ever mentioned in the Holy Quran. She became the symbol of resistance against tyranny and oppression as she stood against the most powerful emperor of that time. She stood up for the poor and the oppressed and gave up her life while trying to save these people.

Joyful and beautiful adventure. It will take you to landscapes never seen before!

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams


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