The Mighty People of Aad and Prophet Hud AS

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The Mighty People of Aad & Prophet Hud AS

The Mighty People of Aad is a tale of a great nation, which held their dominion on major parts of the world during the 2nd millennium BC.

The book tells the story of the rise and fall of this great nation. It explores in detail how these people rose from their humble beginnings as desert dwellers and nomads to become the greatest military and political power of the 2nd millennium BC. They were also great builders and planners and many of their built constructions are still standing.

Like all other nations of ancient Middle East, the people of Aad were also idol worshippers. They used to worship different deities of that time. As is the custom of Allah Almighty, He sent a prophet, Hud, to guide them and show them the right path. Unfortunately, they did not listen to their prophet and drew the wrath of Allah Almighty. In the end, they were destroyed by a catastrophic natural event at their home and by sword of their enemies abroad.

Joyful and beautiful adventure. It will take you to landscapes never seen before!

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams


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