Angels - The Creatures of Light: Amazing Stories of Angels


The faith of Muslims is related to the unseen. In Islam, it is obligatory to believe in angels. All the heavenly religions agree that apart from the realm of us humans, there is another realm of angels which is hidden from our eyes. Angels are also mentioned in the Bible and Vedic scripts. But the detailed information available in Islamic literature about angels is impossible to find in other religious scriptures.

Angels are one of the mightiest and most powerful creatures ever created by Allah Almighty. This book covers all the incredible information about angels in the Holy Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the companions of the Prophet. The prowess and vast realm of angels are explained in vivid and meticulous detail which will blow the reader’s mind.

Joyful and beautiful adventure. It will take you to landscapes never seen before!

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams


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