The Creatures of Fire: Astounding Stories of Jinns, Satan and his Disciples


Jinns: The Creatures of Fire

This book is about these mysterious creatures that Allah created from fire and gave them strange powers. They can change their appearance, take the form of people, fly to heaven and not only take control of the human body but also run through their bodies like blood.

A person from the species of jinn is Iblis, who at one time attained such greatness that he had the honor of worshipping with the angels, but as a result of his jealousy of man, he refused to prostrate Adam and was rejected and thrown out of grace in the Divine Court. Then he vowed that he would lead mankind astray forever. Now he and his progeny are devoting all their talents to this work.

This book tells us about both kinds of jinns. The average jinns who are either Muslim or non-Muslim and those who are part of the army of Iblis (Satan). The book tells us about the history of the realm of jinns, and how they came into being. It also tells us some interesting tales of the interaction of humans with jinns throughout history.

It also tells us how Satan and his disciples use different kinds of tactics to mislead humans and lead them to the path of doom and hell.

Hopefully, this book will provide great insight to the readers about the rather obscure topic of jinns and their history.

Joyful and beautiful adventure. It will take you to landscapes never seen before!

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams


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